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Create new KVM guest from template

Most of us don’t like to install guest OS repeatedly, instead, we often install one guest OS, then do some setup and customization. After that, we make a backup of the disk image(We use it as a template). If we … Continue reading

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KVM: 安装Windows virtio半虚拟化驱动

Install KVM Windows virtio para-virtualized dirver If you can’t read Chinese, there’s an English version on the Internet, click Here 本文测试环境: KVM主机: sl6(Scientific Linux 6). 虚拟机: (win2k3)Windows Server 2003. 安装半虚拟化驱动有助于提高网络和IO性能,下面我们来看看如何在sl6下为win2k3安装virtio半虚拟化驱动。Fedora和CentOS下的操作大体相似。 1. 下载win-virtio驱动包. 可以到这里去下载iso格式的光盘镜像,之后挂载到win2k3. 2. 关闭win2k3虚拟机 3. 创建一个临时磁盘镜像,我们之后会将它作为virtio磁盘添加到win2k3(为的是让win2k3能检查到新硬件,然后安装驱动)这个镜像用完后可以删掉。 qemu-img create -f … Continue reading

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