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Fedora 15 下安装 Openfetion 2.2

本文简要描述在Fedora 15系统下编译安装Openfetion 2.2的办法 在Linux下编译安装软件,做多了就会知道,常见问题无非就是缺少依赖的库(头文件或者共享库)。下面给出的命令假设你以普通用户登录系统,并且这个用户具有sudo成root的权限。 1. 安装所需软件开发包 sudo yum install cmake libnotify-devel gstreamer-devel \ NetworkManager-develgtk2-devel openssl-devel libXScrnSaver-devel

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Install fedora 15 from usb

This assumes that the capacity your USB drive is no less than 4GB. Install grub4dos to the USB. Use grubinst to install grub4dos MBR to the USB, then copy the grldr file in grub4dos package to the root directory of … Continue reading

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