About LinuxPlayer

My name is Curu Wong, “LinuxPlayer” is a place to share my Linux/Unix system play and administration experience.
I came to know Linux at around 2006, and couldn’t help loving it since then.

Love is the spirit of life.

I love computer technology very much, even at the time before 2004 when I just heared of computer and the Internet. This may soud strange, how can it be that you never know what it is and you are loving it? How can it be that you nenver know a girl before you love her? Yes,yes! This is the point. So, in order to prove this love, and enjoy this love, I began my hard(or even suffering) time of learning.

Now, I can say I know it better, but my approaching step will go on and on, all for the sake of love!

Known programming language: PC asm, c/c++, Java, PHP, Perl, Python
Experienced OS: Linux
Interest: play with system and security.

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  1. Tami says:

    How poetic!

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