Open application in other language in Gnome

Due to the bad(or even ugly compared to Windows 7) look and feel of Chinese character in my Gnome desktop, I set my default language to English, then everything looks better.

However, I want some special application to show up in Chinese, because I am not quite familiar with those special vocabulary, gimp, for example. Here’s how I accomplish this target.

First, copy the gimp.desktop file to my desktop

cp /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop ~/Desktop/
cd ~/Desktop
chmod +x gimp.desktop

Then, edit gimp.desktop, Change the Exec line to:

#Exec=gimp-2.6 %U
Exec=env LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8 gimp-2.6 %U

Here, I use the env command to set the LANG environment variable to zh_CN.UTF-8 and then launch gimp.

That’s all, now I can click the gimp icon on my desktop and it will show up in Chinse.

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