Upload local mails to IMAP server using Thunderbird

I have been using Thunderbird to fetch all my email via IMAP. Then one day, I tested configuring Outlook Express for supporting one of my client, using my email account as demo.Things went very well at first. then, some day later, I found all my old emails disappeared! Suddenly I figured out that POP3 client would delete every mail after fetched them from server by default.
So, here comes the task: How can I move all the emails from Outlook Express back to the email server? Use thunderbird!
1. Install Thunderbird on the same PC where Outlook Express was.
2. Import mail from OE to thunderbird. In thunderbird, open the import wizard via Tools->Import.
3. Create an IMAP account in thunderbird.
4. Select all the imported emails, right click, select ‘move’, move them to your imap inbox. by default Thunderbird will sync email with mail server, so it will begin to upload all the moved emails to the server.
5. That’s all. note: all the uploaded email will be marked as unread, but that dosen’t matter.

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2 Responses to Upload local mails to IMAP server using Thunderbird

  1. Francesco says:

    Hi, I have tried this procedure because I have got almost the same problems but this does not work for me.

    I have always used Thunderbird at home so I just selected all my emails, right click , move to:

    then I have to choose between 3 menus: recent, my email address, and local. I chose the menu with my email address.

    Finally I chose inbox, but nothing happens.

    Actually I notice that the files are moved around but still within my computer. it is lke the account with my email is just a name of a folder in my pc.

    What do I do wrong?

  2. Curu Wong says:

    when you select “move”, and choose your email address -> inbox. It should move your mail message to the server as well as your local copy of that mailbox. You can validate if the messages are moved to the server by login to the server via webmail etc.
    by default, Thunderbird will sync mailbox with server.So you see a copy of those moved files are still in your pc.

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